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US National Races

This section contains all known races held in the United States except the World Championship rounds of 12 Hours of Sebring and professional events that were part of USAC Road Racing Championship and later USRRC and Can-Am. The first race included here is Watkins Glen Grand Prix in 1948. Later in 1951 the SCCA National Championship was formed. Those National races have been removed from this section and are now listed separately. Apart from national events SCCA organised also a large number of Regional and Divisional events. Many of them can be found in this section but because of large number of such races and usually very low status, this list is hardly ever going to be complete. Since 1965 National Championship in its original form was discontinued and many of Divisional and Regional races because part of National Championship of their respective region. Those races are also listed here. Since 1966 there were no more National races but only late season American Road Race of Champions. All this can be found here but as the status of the races declined were opted to cover only higher Sports-Racing and Production classes because those cars could also participate in IMSA, Trans-Am or Can-Am races while the lower classes were now completely separated from the internation scene. But as the real Can-Am struggled in the mid-1980s, interesting cars continued to vanish from those SCCA events as well and despite they are still held until these days, there is really nothing left worth to cover by this website.


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