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Trans-American Championship is SCCA sanctioned championship. It began in 1966 as North American championship for touring cars. The first season was won by two liter Alfa Romeo GTA but it soon became a home of American built pony cars like Chevrolet Camaro, Ford Mustang or AMC Javelin.

But in 1973 when energy crisis trouble all world, Trans-Am should change the rules and allowed club GT racers to the field. So touring car were raplaced by Carreras and Corvettes. This is the first year the results of which are included in this site that is dedicated to sportscars. In 1974 Trans-Am was in great crisis when only two races plus World Championship round 6 Hours of Watkins Glen was held. In 1975 rules were changed again a little so that more club racers and less dominating Porsche Carreras filled the grids but in 1976 second class was established. It became similar to the European group 5 cars or IMSA'a GTX rules and in view of sportscar fan it was the greatest era of Trans-Am. Porsche 935 and very modified Corvettes, Monzas etc. were seen on the tracks.

But it was more expensive than before and while FIA with the World Championship or IMSA turned the way to the Group C cars or their US version IMSA GTP, Trans-Am took these specials off after 1979 season, class II was dropped, wing disappeared from the cars and Trans-Am continuously became what it is now - a series for tube-framed touring cars, which have very few to do with the true sportscars. In 1980 traditional 6 Hours of Watkins Glen was still part of Trans-Am but for the final time. The final year this site contains is 1988 when factory Audis in their single season dominated the championship. After that only american manufacturers were allowed and the series became too far from what this site is about so we let the work to others. Rules changed again in 2000 and new manufacturers like Jaguar or De Tomaso appeared. And also rear wing were added among other changes. Some of these cars can be seen in other championships that are included on this site: Canada GT Challenge Cup or Grand-Am with their class AGT.

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