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Rennsport Trophäe

Originally part of Deutsche Rennsport Meisterschaft, it was a Trophy for group 2 and 4 cars. It was held since 1979 until 1983.

During 1977-78 the DRM championship was destined mainly for group 5 silhouettes, so GT and touring cars that retained racing in the series struggled at the end of results sheets. To motivate drivers with such cars and enlarge grids, it was decided to create a new Trophy for touring cars and GTs, the cars that dominated the DRM series since its inception in 1972 until 1976.

While in smaller division II there were mainly touring cars like BMW 320i, Ford Escort and many more, in division I BMW M1s found their home and soon forced Porsche 911/934 drivers to a role of outsiders.

In 1982 when DRM was no more a touring car series but adopted new group C formula as well as expiring group 6 cars, the Trophy went its own way. While in 1982 most of the meeting were joint for DRM and Rennsport Trophy, in 1983 it was completely different series with own race schedule. In this season a new class structure was created. Division I was for touring cars in group N and A while division II was destined for older Group 2 and 4 cars, as well as new group B cars. Each division had two subclasses for under and over 2500 cc. Only division II is a subject of this research as group A/N ran in separate races, so there is no connection to sportscar racing apart from the points scoring system.

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