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Grand-American Road Racing Championship

Grand-Am is a new championship in USA. It is a successor of an unsuccessful USRRC. Prototypes runs to the SRWC regulations in SR and SR2 classes while GT cars are divided into several groups: GTO, GTU and AGT (American tube frame cars). Main race of the championship is famous 24 Hours of Daytona.

During 2002 Grand-Am announced new rules for prototype class that was called Daytona Prototypes and was introduced by 2003 into racing. Older SRP1 cars were still alowed in case the particular chassis has been racing in Grand-Am before. But none of these cars actually appeared and despite small numbers of DP cars at the beginning of the season, there were new and new entries in the class as the season progressed and by 2004 we had full grid of these closed prototypes. Smaller SRPII prototypes were kept for one more season after introduction of Daytona Prototype but they died out by themselves. They were hardly ever two cars in the class and sometimes even a single car was not entered at some races.

There were many changes also in GT classes during that time. In 2003 AGT class was part of GTS (former GTO) and GTU class was renamed to GT and numbers were singificantly bolstered by allowing SGS cars from another Grand-Am organised series based for less modified production GT cars. In 2004 GTS class disappeared while SGS became an official separate class of Grand-Am Rolex Series. For 2005 and above only two classes are planned: DP for prototypes and GT for all grand tourers.

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