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DDR Sportscar Championship

East Germany created its own Championship in the very early 50s. It was not bad but later number of classes, cars and even races descreed under acceptable numbers and the championship was called off after poor 1956 season. In 1950 there still wasn't an official championship title, just DDR-Bester title was given. Since 1951 it was official DDR Sportscar Championship. However rules later changed and became rather complicated and more restrictions to be classified as a champion were introduced, which in fact meant that since 1954 there were no real champions but rather just DDR-Besters again. Here is an example of the rules that were valid for 1954 season:
1. Champion can only become, who has at least one victory (or one best place among all drivers from the GDR at one event)
2. The title "Champion" will only be awarded in a class if there have been four valid (!) championship events in the season. In case of the 1.5 litre sports cars (and only in this class) an event is only valid (and deliver only points) if at least five championship contenders took the start.
3. points system (same as West German championship); additional point for fastest lap.
4. Only a limited number of positions will receive points, depending of how many drivers from the GDR have started:
Starters => Points
up to 4: => 6 - 4
up to 9: => 6 - 4 - 3
up to 14: => 6 - 4 - 3 - 2
above 14: => 6 - 4 - 3 - 2 - 1
5. championship deciders (in case of tied standings): S1.5: Halle, S1.1: Bernau
6. A driver is only classified if he has covered 90% of the race distance
7. In the S1.5 class "Kollektiv" drivers and privateers will be separately awarded with points but classified together (means the best privateer will always receive 6 points)

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