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Canada GT Challenge Cup

The Canada GT Challenge Cup was created in 1997 by Mr. Klaus Bytzek. He was also GT1 champion with his two ex-factory Porsches 911 GT1 in the first three seasons. The first year the series was considered a regional championship so it is very hard to get the race results, so they are missing from the archive.

The championship was contested in the categories called as GT1 and GT2. But it fact the series attracted a large variety of GT-like cars raging from FIA GT1 prototypes through tube framed Trans-Am specials to a true GT cars like Porsche 911 GT2 or more sedate BMW M3.

While it was quite common to have thirty cars on the grid in a championship race, in 2002 the situation changed rapidly and the organisers were happy to fill the field with dozen of cars. Even if the number returned almost to normal in couple of late 2002 season races, the championship was not recovered and merged with some lower level series for touring cars in 2003.

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