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Australian GT Championship

The Australian GT Championship is a CAMS-sanctioned national title for drivers of GT cars in three different periods: from 1960 to 1963, from 1982 to 1985 and from 2005 onwards. In the first period the title was awarded based on results of a single race. In later years it was a true championship consisting of series of races.

In the first era the championship races were open to closed cars (not necessarily production based) complying with CAMS Appendix K regulations. The 1982 to 1985 races were open to heavily modified production based closed cars complying with CAMS Group D GT regulations. In 1982 Group B Sports Sedans also invited to compete.

The roots of modern Australian GT Championship dates back to 1995 when PROCAR created a new production based series called Australian GT Production Car Championship. Both production sedans and GT cars were allowed. As the series was growing, PROCAR decided to split it into two different championships in the 2000 season. More exotic GT cars such as Porsche 911s or Ferrari 360s could compete in the new Australian Nations Cup Championship while the lesser vehicles such as Mitsubishi Lancers or Subaru Imprezas could now compete for outright wins in the revised Australian GT Production Car Championship.

With the demise of PROCAR during 2004, CAMS took the series over and changed it to the Australian GT Championship for the 2005 season. The new series was destined for a large range of GT cars but the aim is to convert the championship purely to FIA GT3 rules. The plan is that in 2009 only cars complying with the FIA GT3 regulations will be allowed to race in the championship.

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