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Deutsche Rennsport Meisterschaft

Deutsche Rennsport Meistershaft started in 1972 as German national championship for drivers with touring and grand touring cars. All cars were divided into two divisions with separate races but with a single overall point classification. First significant change in the series was introduction of silhouette group 5 cars in 1977. The championship immediatelly became much better supported series then the World Championship of Makes for same kind cars!

In 1979 a new classification called Rennsport Trophy was announced. It was destined for group 2 and 4 cars, in fact for those classes that were originally protagonists of the series until 1976. With large number of touring cars in division II and Procar BMW M1 in division I, originally well established group 5 cars started slowly to disappear. That problem culminated by 1981 when only about 6 powerful silhouettes appeared regularly in each of the division. So in 1982 with newly announces FISA categories for racing cars a new group C cars together with older group 6 prototypes were allowed to compete in DRM against dying group 5 machinery. All cars now ran in single division and Rennsport Trophy became completely separate championship that adopted also new group A touring cars.

For 1983 it was intended to convert the championship fully for group C racing only but it obviously didn't have success as there was not enough new competitive cars, moreover they were more expensive to run than earlier group 5 cars. DRM struggle to create an interest it had in its heyday by late 1970s when it even overshadowed the World Championship. So some older group 5 and 6 cars were still allowed as field-fillers for later 1983 races. It was in fact the last full DRM season (now run as International Deutsche Rennsport Meisterschaft) because in 1984 only three IDRM races were held. To complete the championship into a full series organisers selected three World Endurance Championship races as a IDRM point races and championship could continue. Year 1985 was a swan song for formerly famous DRM. Only one true DRM race was held at Norisring. All other races were run in conjunction with well established Interserie. German organisers now called it Deutsche Sportwagen Meisterschaft. Merge with Interserie meant that new type of cars - Can-Am - appeared in the DRM classification. Strangely they raced in all Intererie-DRM races except the traditional Norisring. End of DRM/DSM didn't meant the end of sportscar racing in Germany because a new series called Supercup was created next year. It was now exclusively for group C cars and despite it never reached the level of group 5 era of DRM, for several years Supercup looked more promising than rivalrous Interserie before it was terminated after 1989 season.

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