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Zytek chassis numbers

Le Mans Prototypes

Chassis Engine Year Group First owner Next owners (year) Comment
02S-01 Zytek 2002 LMP 675 RN Motorsports => Creation Autosportif (2004) {in 2006 rebuilt as Creation hybrid} => Autocon Motorsports (2007) The car was built by Reynard, in 2003 rebadged as DBA4-03S (later simplier DBA-03S) before being completely modified and becoming another Creation hybrid.
04S-02 Zytek 2004 LMP 675 Team Jota => Creation Autosportif (2006) {rebuilt as Creation hybrid} => Intersport Racing (2007)  
04S-03 Zytek 2004 LMP 675 Zytek Engineering => Hitotsuyama Racing (2006)  
06S-04 Zytek 2006 LMP1/04H Zytek Engineering    
07S-01 Zytek 2007 LMP2/04 Juan Barazi    
07S-02 Zytek 2007 LMP1/04 Arena International    
07S-03 Zytek 2007 LMP2/04 Zytek Motorsports   Raced by Barazi-Epsilon at Le Mans 2007 and by Team LNT at Silverstone 1000 kms 2007 while still being for sale by the factory who took it to the U.S. at the end of the season to race it under its own banner.

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