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Tiga chassis numbers

Chassis Engine Year Group First owner Next owners (year) Comment
GC83-250 Chevrolet 1983 C1/C2 Neil Crang => Tim Lee-Davey (1985) => Vetir Racing (1987) For season 1984 updated to GC84.250 specification and converted to DFL engine. Won several C2 races. In 1985-86 Crang/Lee-Davey Ford Turbo C1. (GC86).
GC284-277 Ford BDT 1984 C2 Roy Baker …=> Jean Blatton collection (~2005)  
GT284-278 Mazda 13B 1984 GTP Gaston Andrey    
GC84-unnumbered Lamborghini V12 1985 C1 Neil Crang/Spice Engineering   Unnumbered chassis modified by Spice in late 1985 for Lamborghini engine. The new number was SL8501.
GC85-279 Cosworth DFL 1985 C2 Neil Crang/Spice Engineering => Kelmar Racing (1986) As Spice-Tiga GC85 winner C2 Championship 1985. Next years raced by Kelmar as Tiga GC85.
GT285-282 Mazda 13B 1985 Lights Howard Siegel => Tom Blackaller (1986) => Pfeiffer Ridge Racing (1987) => …=> Denis Bigioni, CDN (~2010)  
GT285-286 Mazda 13B 1985 Lights Gaston Andrey => Rinzler Motorracing (1986) => Scott Schubot (1987)  
GT285-287 Mazda 13B 1985 Lights Essex Racing => Burdsall-Newsome Racing (1987)  
GC285-294 Ford BDT 1985 C2 Roy Baker => Simpson Engineering => Björn Ribers => Neils Blegvad (1994) => Andy Chittenden (2012) Nickname: "Clockwork Orange"
TS85-318 Hart 1986 C2 Chamberlain => Henry Harrfeldt (1991~2012) Originally Thundersports spider car converted to group C2 specification. In 1987 raced by Proteam Racing, next year again by Chamberlain Engineering.
GT286-321 Buick V6 1986 Lights Charles Morgan => Ares Sports (1987) => Bobby Brown => ... => BAT competition/Ralph Thomas (~2006) Originally owned by Charles Morgan and campaigned by Essex Racing. Class winner at the 500 mile Watkins Glen 1986. Then owned by Tom Hessert. Later owned by Bobby Brown and converted to WSC. Presently restored and owned by BAT competition/Ralph Thomas. (It was apparently rebuilt on a new monocoque at one point of car's history.)
GT286-322 Chevrolet V6 1986 Lights Katz & Phillips/AMF => Essex Racing Converted to Buick V6.
GT286-325 Porsche F6 1986 Lights Howard Siegel => Deborah Gregg (1986) => Apache Racing (1987) => Intersport (~1991) => Joseph Hamilton (~1993) => ... => BAT competition/Ralph Thomas (~2005~2006) In 1986 Deborah Gregg's spare car. Converted to Mazda 2 rotor in 1987. Second in class at the 1993 24 Hours of Daytona with owner Joseph Hamilton, then converted to triple rotor Camel Light, then to WSC form in 1994. Converted back to triple rotor Camel Light in 2002.
GT286-330 Mazda 13B 1986 Lights Don Marsh => Alan Ryall, USA (1991)  
GT286-331 Porsche F6 1986 Lights Deborah Gregg    
GT286-332 Porsche F6 1986 Lights B. Rinzler => Charles Ivey (1987) Converted to C2 specification as GC287.332 . On Charles Ivey entry at Le Mans 1987 GC287.359 - possibly temporarily renumbered.
GC286-335 Ford BDT 1986 C2 Roy Baker => CEE Sports (1987) => Andrew McAlpine (1989) For Le Mans 1987 Volvo Turbo.
GC286-336 Ford BDT 1986 C2 Roy Baker   Converted to GC287 DFL in 1987, known as "Pink Panther" in 1988. Updated to GC289 specification in 1989 with a new number.
GT286-341 Ferrari V8 1986 Lights Gaston Andrey    
GT286-342 Mazda 13B 1986 Lights Tom Hessert …=> Carlos Bobeda …=> Malte Roggentin In 1989 modified to a GT287 by Carlos Bobeda Racing, Al Rocca, Tomas Lopez with 3.0 l Chevy V6. Now (1997) raced by Malte Roggentin in REAB Sportscar Cup.
CG287-349 Cosworth DFL 1987 C2 Tiga Race Cars => Thorkild Thyrring (1987) Used to rebuild the burnt out GC287-352.
GC287-350 Rover V64V 1987 C2 Duncain Bain/Dune Motorsports => Inside Line Racing (mid 1988)  
GT287-351 Polimotor 1987 Lights Matty Holzberg* => Tim Harvey/Team Istel (1988) => Surrey Road & Racing (1989) *Ordered by Holzberg but not delivered. Later converted to C2 with Rover V64V engine and sold to Tim Harvey.
GC287-352 Ford BDT-E 1987 C2 Thorkild Thyrring   Burnt out in testing in May 1987.
GC87-359 Cosworth Turbo 1987 C1 Tim Lee-Davey   Unclear provenance. Re-plated in 1988 as GC88.359. Destroyed in Brno 1988.
GC287-360 Cosworth DFL 1987 C2 GP Motorsport/Costas Los => FAI Automotive (1988) C2 winner at Nürburgring 1987.
GC288-365 Cosworth DFL 1988 C2 Kelmar Racing   C2 winner at Nürburgring 1988.
GC288-366 Cosworth DFL 1988 C2 Kelmar Racing   Converted to GC289 specification in 1989.
GT288-367 Buick V6 1988 Lights Essex Racing    
GC289-368 Cosworth DFL 1989 C2 Roy Baker => Fenwick Group Motorsport Ltd. (1990) GC286-336 modified to 1989 specification and given this number. At Le Mans 1990 entered by GP Motorsport.
GC289-370 Cosworth DFL 1989 C2 Del Bello/Vetir Racing    
GC289-371 Cosworth DFL 1989 C2 Inside Line Racing    
GC289-372 Cosworth DFL 1989 C2 Tiga Race Cars => Andrew McAlpine (1990) ... => Johan Räjamäki (1995) => Harvey Cooke, U.K. (2000) C2 winner Donington 1989. Perhaps sold to McNeil Engineering.
GC289-373 Cosworth DFL 1989 C2 Jean-Claude Ferrarin => Didier Bonnet (1989)  

The last ever built Tiga (GC289) was sold to McNeil Engineering .

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