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McLaren Can-Am chassis numbers

Team cars:

Chassis Engine Year Group First owner Next owners (year) Comment
M6A/1 Chevrolet 1967 Gr.7 McLaren Cars => Roger Penske (1968) => Jerry Hansen (1968) => Dave Causey (1969) => Lynn Larson => Harry Matthews (~1999) => Griot (2009~2012) This was the car McLaren won the 1967 Can-Am Championship. It was sold to Penske. He ran the car in USRRC. Bruce McLaren's car was quite different than other M6's. It had a 4" shorter wheelbase. This can be seen in the doors as this is where they shortened the body. The tub was also different, with extensive use of lightening holes in the bulkheads and the bracing in the front was different. Magnesium sheeting was also used in some places. The car was extensively rebuilt when owned by Lynn Larson
M6A/2 Chevrolet 1967 Gr.7 McLaren Cars => Begg ...=> Fox Roberts (~1999) Denny Hulme's car had the 93.5 inch wheel base which was standard in the rest if the M6's including the B's. Denny's car also had some magnesium sheeting. Car was used as M8A test mule This car was dismantled with some parts ending up on other cars. Two bulkheads possibly went to M6B 50/01
M6A/3 Chevrolet 1967 Gr.7 McLaren Cars => Roger Penske (1968) => Fred Baker (1969) => ?? Gordon Dewar (1970) ?? => ... => Mike Laughlin => Larry Crossan => Robins => Ken McDowell (~1999) => Carl Moore (~2003) => Brian Blain (2012) Works team spare car in 1967. It was M6B prototype. Despite called M6A/3, it was probably unnumbered. Raced by Penske in Can-Am 1968. The car had some magnesium skins.
M8A/1 Chevrolet 1968 Gr.7 McLaren Cars {dismantled} Raced by Bruce McLaren in Can-Am 1968. After works career salt damage, car dismantled. Parts used to built M8B/2.
M8A/2 Chevrolet 1968 Gr.7 McLaren Cars => Lothar Motschenbacher (1970) => Goodyear ...=> ?, NZ => McLaren Trust (~1999~2003) => anonymous, Chicago (~2014) Raced by Denny Hulme in Can-Am 1968. Rebuilt as M8B for 1969 and became factory spare car. Bruce McLaren finished the season in this spare car after he wrecked his regular M8B/2. The spare car had also been driven by Brabham, Amon and Gurney for the team.
M8A spare tub - 1968 - McLaren Cars {spare tub became M8B/1}  
M8B/1 Chevrolet 1968 Gr.7 McLaren Cars ...=> Cary Taylor (~1999) Started life as unnumbered M8A spare tub in 1968 that was never used. Raced by Denny Hulme in Can-Am 1969. Became M8D development car.
M8B/2 Chevrolet 1969 Gr.7 McLaren Cars => Oscar Koveleski (1970) => Warren Agor (1972) => Lance Smith (~1999~2006) Built from parts of M8A/1. Raced by Bruce McLaren in Can-Am 1969. Car destroyed in an accident at Riverside late in 1969. After rebuilt sold to Koveleski who raced it in 1970. Tony Adamowicz drove the car in Can-Am 1971. Then raced by Agor, Kent Fellows and Mark Waco in Can-Am 1972.
M8B spare tub - 1969 - McLaren Cars {spare tub became M8D/3} Started life as an M8A. Rebuilt as M8B for 1969 and became factory spare car. Bruce McLaren finished the season in this spare car after he wrecked his regular M8B/2. The spare car had also been driven in 1969 by Brabham, Amon and Gurney for the team.
M8D/1 Chevrolet 1970 Gr.7 McLaren Cars => Lothar Motschenbacher (1970) => Stan Sarkowitz => McLaren International (~1999~2001) Raced by Denny Hulme in Can-Am 1970. Raced by Motschenbacher since 1971 to a single race in 1973.
M8D/2 Chevrolet 1970 Gr.7 McLaren Cars {destroyed} Destroyed during Bruce McLaren's fatal accident while testing it.
M8D/3 Chevrolet 1970 Gr.7 McLaren Cars => Herb Kaplan (1973) => Merle Brennan (~1977) => Stuart Baumguard, USA (late 70s) => Paul Whight, GB (mid 80s) => ??Lawrence Stroll (~2000)?? => Museum in Canada (~2004) Raced by Gurney and Gethin in Can-Am 1970. In 1971 converted to an F by Max Kelly at McLaren Engines and became Team spare car. The only thing used was the tub, all other pieces were F parts. In 1973 driven by Scooter Patrick for Herb Kaplan's US Racing and in 1974 raced by John Cordts under Performance Engineering Ltd. banner. Took part in re-newed single-seater Can-Am series in 1977 driven by a new owner Merle Brennan. Since 1980s in the U.K.
M8D/4 Chevrolet 1970 Gr.7 McLaren Cars => A. G. Dean (1971) => {rebuilt using M8E-80-10} => Roy Woods (1971) => Bill Overhauser (1972) => Hal Whipple (1974) =>Modena Collection, AUS (1980) => Bruce Zeigler/Zeigler Coach Co., USA (1990) => Ernest Iaconetti (1997~2005) => Bruce Canepa (2011~2012) => anonymous, Chicago (~2014) It was M8E prototype car rebuilt to M8D specification for Hulme late 1970. Crashed by Dean in 1971. Rebuilt in USA with all the usable parts from the original car and a new M8E tub (80-10).
Raced by Dean, Woods, and Overhauser until the end of the original Can Am. Whipple in single-seater Can-Am in 1977 (damaged, repaired by Collins) The car was then sold to Modena Collection, Australia. In 1990s the car was in USA. It is listed separately since original tub (M8E/1) was later repaired and built into another car with parts from Trojan.
M8E/1 Chevrolet 1972 Gr.7 A. G. Dean => Eris Tondelli => colector, I => Robert Horne, GB (~1990~2005) Tony Dean took his crashed original M8E prototype tub that Hulme raced in the D (M8E/1) back to England in 1972 and rebuilt it with all new pieces from Trojan.
It was possibly the Tondelli car.
M8F/1 Chevrolet 1971 Gr.7 McLaren Cars => Gregg Young (1972) => Commander Motor => Nearberg => Arentz => Jim Stolenberg => George Parlby, AUS => Bruce McCaw (~1999) => Chris McCallister (~2003) Driven by Hulme in 1971, then by Young in 1972. Car wrecked by Greg Young, however it was partially rebuilt by Commander and finished by Arentz.
M8F/2 Chevrolet 1971 Gr.7 McLaren Cars => Gregg Young (1972) => Commander Motor (1973) => Shelton => Hanna => Haines => Peter Kaus (~1999) => Bonhams => Louwman (~2010) Driven by Revson in 1971, then by Cevert in 1972 and by Bobby Brown in 1973.
M20/1 Chevrolet 1972 Gr.7 McLaren Cars => Felder Racing (1973) => Hartmut Iving => Berg => Cizar => Bob Lee => John McCaw (~1999) => Matthews (~2004) => ?, GB (03/2010) The M20 prototype car. Replaced Hulme's crashed car in 1972. At Riverside 1972 sold to Felder who entered it with Kelleners in Interserie. Did not return in the U.S until 1979 when was purchased by an american collector.
M20/2 Chevrolet 1972 Gr.7 McLaren Cars => Commander Motor Homes (1973) => Knoop => Reno Museum ...=> Imperial Palace (~1999) Hulme's early 1972, crashed. Rebuilt for 1973 and fitted with turbo.
M20/3 Chevrolet 1972 Gr.7 McLaren Cars => Roy Woods Racing (1973) => Herb Kaplan (1974) => Stuart Baumguard => Don Devine (~1990s~2003) => anonymous, Chicago (~2014) Revson's 1972 car.

Some McLaren M8D was driven by Eris Tondelli in couple of Interserie events in 1972. It was reported as ex-Hulme car still with McLaren Cars written on its side. Probably second M8D/4 chassis.

McLaren M6B

Chassis Engine Year Group First owner Next owners (year) Comment
M6B-50-01 Repco 1969 Gr.7 Bob Jane, AUS (~2008)   This car was built a year later by Team McLaren, probably using Trojan parts.
M6B-50-03 Ford 1968 Gr.7 Lothar Motschenbacher => Dr. S. Nozaki (Japan) => Pinkman, CDN (~2014) Converted to M12 before going to Japan. Car has been converted back to M6B in Motschembacher configuration.
M6B-50-04 Chevrolet 1968 Gr.7 Moises Solana {destroyed} Solona wrecked the car at a hillclimb in Mexico. The car burnt for an hour and a half with Moises in it. It was buried soon after the accident. Several people claim to have purchased history from Solana family.
M6B-50-05 Chevrolet 1968 Gr.7 Bobby Aylward {destroyed} McCoy => Leonard Janke => Craig Pence & Leonard Janke (~1982) {rebuilt on a new tub} => Lilo Beuzieron (4/2007) => ?, Begium or France (~2010) Aylward was a successful club racer. He wrecked the car during a race in Oklahoma when he hit a tree. He was seriously injured as was the car. Later, Aylward was murdered and the remains of the car ended up with his mechanic McCoy. The remains, minus tub which had been damaged beyond repair, were purchased by Leonard Janke. In a partnership with Craig Pence the car was rebuilt and in 2007 it was sold to Lilo Beuzerion. He raced the car for a few years and sold it to someone in Belgium or France without the provenance or ownership trail. Beuzerion then built a very inaccurate M6 with no original parts and now claims this car has the provenance and is therefore the original car. He has been racing this car or several years as 50-05.
M6B-50-06 Alfa Romeo 1968 Gr.7 Auto Delta => Finn => Charlie Gibson (~1997) => Dave Handy (~2006) => Bolin (~2012) Used to test Alfa Romeo engine.
M6B-50-07 Chevrolet 1968 Gr.7 Dick Brown => Gordon Barrett (1970) {crashed => rebuilt on M12-60-10} => Tom Phillips => Chuck Haines (~1983) => Lowell McGrane {restored on a replica chassis}=> RM Auctions => Richard Berry => George Thompson => Dan Mershon => Dan Vargus (2009) {replica chassis replaced with original M12-60-10} => George Frey (2011) Dick Brown was killed in the car and it was sold to Gordon Barrett with a spare tub that had been purchased already by Brown. The second tub was also wrecked at Road Atlanta 1970, so they bought a M12 tub from Holman-Moody. It was raced for Barrett by Tom Dutton. It went through 3 tubs and McGrane traded the original tub for a replica tub to speed up the restoration. In 2009 Dan Vargus has repurchased the last original Tub (M12-60-10) that was raced by Barrett Racing in #50-07. This is the same original Tub that was traded away by McGrane. The last raced original tub is now back with M6B #50-07.
Information from Dan Vargus January 2010: "Gordon Barrett of Barrett Racing needed another Tub for #50-07 after crashing the second tub of #50-07. Gordon Barrett learned that Holman and Moody had a couple of new Tubs that they were not using. Gordon called Holman and Moody and asked them if they would be willing to sell one of their tubs. They told Gordon that if he would come down and look at the tubs, that they would be taking some of his Yankee money off him. Holman and Moody had two M12 Tubs sitting up on the racks when Gordon Barrett got there. He was given a choice of either one. Both tubs were new M12 tubs so it didn't matter to Gordon Barrett which one he bought. Gordon Barrett gave them $1000 for the new M12-60-10 Tub. Barrett Racing then rebuilt the M6B #50-07 with the M12-60-10 Tub. The M12-60-10 tub remained in #50-07 until the car was retired from racing by Barrett Racing. Lowell McGrane years later bought #50-07 from Chuck Haines and restored the car. Lowell McGrane sent the tub to Harold Drinkwater to be refurbished. Harold suggested that Lowell trade the tub and some money for his replica tub that he already had built. Harold retained the M12-60-10 tub and used it as a model for the building more replica tubs. In 2009 Dan Vargus after acquiring #50-07 located Harold Drinkwater in Drain Oregon. Dan Vargus was able to convince Harold to sell the original M12-60-10 tub to Vargus. The M12-60-10 tub during it's racing life with Barrett Racing had repairs and modifications made to it by Barrett Racing. Dan Vargus sent pictures of the M12-60-10 tub to Gordon Barrett to authenticate M12-60-10 tub. After reviewing the pictures Gordon has validated that Vargus does in fact have the true M12-60-10 tub that was used in #50-07 when it was last raced. M6B #50-07 now has the Harold Drinkwater replica tub and the original M12-60-10 tub.”"
M6B-50-08 Chevrolet 1968 Gr.7 Roger McCaig => Rainer Brezinka (1971) ...=> Anthony Taylor (~2005) Car was wrecked at Road Atlanta by Brezinka in 1971. Still damaged chassis was recently sold to Anthony Taylor.
M6B-50-09 Chevrolet 1968 Gr.7 Terry Godsell & Vandergriff => Jay Hills => Orlie Pacheco (~1976) => Bob Lee => Chris Vandergriff (late 80s) => Jim Reynolds (~1997-2003) Raced by Jerry Titus in Can-Am 1968. It was wrecked by team mechanic Doane Spencer while filming a commercial after Can-Am season and before Fuji group 7 race. The tub was replaced but with a new M6B tub while the original tub was destroyed and thrown away. The car was sold to Hills after the Fuji race. While testing Hills went off the track and he thought he might have bent the tub so his mechanic, Doane Spencer, replaced it with a M12 tub. The second tub, the one Hills thought was bent, was sold to Keith Germane who built it to a new car.
M6B-50-09a Chevrolet   Gr.7 Vandergriff-Godsell => Jay Hills => Keith Germane => Leonard Janke => Craig Pence Built from M6B tub that was used to rebuilt original M6B-50-09 before being replaced by M12 tub (see the story above). The car was rebuilt as a M12 and then an M8 by Germane. It was raced by Janke in 1974 Can-Am and later in some single seat Can-Am races. Car was converted to a coupe by Craig Pence in 1978.
M6B-50-10 Ford 1968 Gr.7 Dan Gurney => Bobby Brown => ??...Robert Svast (1974) ??? ...=> Bob Peters => Dick Lins (1977) => Andy Boone (5/2006) The car was modified by AAR and called as McL'Eagle. Last raced in local SCCA events around Chicago by a Robert Svast.
M6B-50-11 Ford 1968 Gr.7 Shelby American => Holman & Moody (1969) => ?? ...=> Chuck Haines => Harold Higgins In 1968 Shelby raced both their M6Bs 50/11 and 50/12. The S/N tags were switched from car to car depending on the race.
M6B-50-12 Ford 1968 Gr.7 Shelby American => Stan Szarkowicz (~1971) => Barton & John Collins => Barton & Judge Joseph E. DiLoreto (2000) => Judge Joseph E. DiLoreto (~2003~2005) Revson won Fuji 1968 race in the car. Sold to Szarkowicz withotu engine as it returned to Ford, so Stan installed a big block Chevrolet in it. Car severely burnt in 1972.
M6B-50-14 Chevrolet 1968 Gr.7 John Martino => Rich Galloway (1968) => Franzisi => Kahlick => Leonard Janke (~2003) => Jay Esterer (2012) To be entered by Peacock Racing while owned by John Martino, who never raced the car. Driven by Ron Goldleaf when owned by Franzisi.
M6B-50-15 Chevrolet 1968 Gr.7 Jo Bonnier => Bill Young => Frank Kahlich (1970) => Leonard Janke => Craig Pence => Bob Lee (03/2005) => Max & Andrew Banks (09/2015) In 1972 Kahlich changed the bodywork and added a wing and the car was raced as McLaren M12. Recently the car has been restored back to the Bonnier configuration.
M6B-50-16 Chevrolet 1969 Gr.7 John Woolfe => John Jordan (1972÷1994) => David Finnigan, GB (1994~2003) Car borrowed by Alistair Cowan in 1970 and raced under Paul Watson Race Organisation banner.
M6B-50-17 Chevrolet 1969 Gr.7 Oscar Koveleski => David Franklin (1981) => Manfred Dolata => Jim Pace , USA (~2012) Built by Team McLaren for Koveleski, probably using Trojan parts. Raced by Koveleski (1969), Cliff Apel (1970-71) and bought and raced by David Franklin (1981-?). Car burnt and rebuilt while owned by Koveleski. Bob Barton owns (~2003) the first tub. During 1995/97 raced by Dolata in Supersports.

Chassis M6B-50-02 and M6B-50-13 were not built.

A M6B GT was built by Bill Kasmer in the late 70's using mostly original parts. Three of the four bulkheads were original but did not match. It was restored back to a roadster by Grant Hill and is now owned by Robert Ryan. (This car is probably built using the good bulkheads from the first two tubs from 50/07.)

McLaren M8C

Chassis Engine Year Group First owner Next owners (year) Comment
M8C-70-01 Cosworth DFV 1970/02 Gr.6 Chris Craft (Ecurie Evergreen) => Vincent Formisano (01/1971) => Nasif Estefano (1971) => Ford Motor Argentina (1972) => Osvaldo Lopez (1973) => Hector A. Pozueta, RA (23/09/1973) => Luis McCormack, RA (1975) => Orlando Cairo, USA (07/1982) => Jim Simpson, USA (10/03/1993) => Marc Devis, B (02/2013~2015) It was the M8C prototype.
M8C-70-03 Chevrolet 1970 Gr.7 Roger McCaig => William Wonder (1971) => ... => Maurice McCaig (mid 1990s)  
M8C-70-04 Chevrolet 1970/05/08 Gr.7 Dave Billes (Performance Engineering) => Jim Butcher (1973) => John Garth, USA (1974) => Chuck Haines => Reed Grundy (1977~2011) Raced by John Cordts in 1970-1971 as number 57. Butcher bought the car without engine and after collision with Donohue in Mosport 1973 ran with revised bodywork. It was raced also by Mike Brockman and Dick Durant for Jim Butcher Racing. The car was crash and the tub bent in a practice accident in Road Atlanta 1973. Jim Butcher acquired another M8C tub Szarkowicz while the original tub was repaired by Dick Durant who was scheduled to run the second team entry in Can-Am 1974 but the sponsorship failed and the car was not used. Both this tub and that from Szarkowicz was then sold to John Garth. The Szarkovicz M8C has the following ownership history: "=> John Garth, USA (1974) => Chuck Haines => …=> ?, GB (~1980s) => ?, ZA (1990) => ?, USA (1994) => Tony Garmey (~2010)"
M8C-70-05   1970        
M8C-70-06 Chevrolet 1970 Gr.7 not known/not raced => Gordon Dewar (1972)  
M8C-70-08   1970 Gr.7     The car has Mexican history. In 2004 for sale by Can Am Cars Ltd.
M8C/D-30-25           ?? Raced by Weiler in Supersports.
M8C-70-10   1971   Warren Burmester & George Drolsom => Jim Kirby => 'a lawyer in Tampa' => Ed Mueller => Jay Esterer Driven by George Drolsom, later by Tom Dutton in Can-Am.

In 1970 other two cars were raced by Motschenbacher and McCaigh, chassis numbers unknown (Motchenchaber chassis was unnumbered).

McLaren M8E

Chassis Engine Year Group First owner Next owners (year) Comment
M8E-80-01 Chevrolet 1971 Gr.7 Chris Craft/Ecurie Evergreen => Bobby Brown (1971) => Jerry Rosbach (1972) => Page Racing/Bob Lazier (1974) ...=> Bruce McCaw => Wade Carter (2002) => Nereo Dizane (1/2004) => Tom Malloy (1/2005~6/2006)  
M8E-80-02 Chevrolet 1971 Gr.7 Sid Taylor => Roger McCaig (1971) => Gary Wilson (1972) Burnt while owned by Wilson and rebuilt as Sting GW1 by John Collins.
M8E-80-03 Chevrolet 1971 Gr.7 Lothar Motschenbacher => Steve Durst (1972) ...=> Bruce McCaw (~1997) Entered as M8E/D (chassis M8E, bodywork M8D). Raced by Bob Bondurant, Gregg Young and Chuck Parsons during Can-Am 1971.
M8E-80-04 Chevrolet 1971 Gr.7 Roy Woods => Alan Johnson (1972) => Bill Cuddy (1972) => Dick Workman (1975) => Merle Brennan => Dick Workman (1977) => Chuck Haines (1979/12) => Duncan MacKellar, AUS (2011/07) => Peter Jones, AUS (2019) Merle Brennan bought ex-Cuddy car as a parts car for the F he bought from Kaplan. When he found that none of the parts would fit, he parted it out and some parts sold. The chassis ended up in San Francisco where it was rebuilt with Lola pieces. Chuck Haines has the car and has rebuilt it back to "E" specs.; PETER JONES 03/2020: "This is incorrect. Both the car and I are in Australia. I would be grateful if you would amend the record."
M8E-80-05           Possibly Sid Taylor's chassis.
M8E-80-06 Chevrolet 1971-05 Gr.7 Fred Parkhill => Hal Whipple (1978) => {via Chris Aylett} Andrew Marler (1987) => Arnaud Chave, CH (1989) => ... => Stephen Minoprio (2007~2012) Race in Orwell Supersports in Europe 2007- 2010. In 2012 retired from racing and for sale.
M8E-80-07 Chevrolet 1971 Gr.7 Georg Loos => Rolf Götz (1973) => Hans Rudolf Urech (1976~1978) => ? (1979)…=> Edi Wyss (1993~2008)  
M8E-80-08 Chevrolet 1971 Gr.7 Racing Team VDS => Kaye Griffiths (1973) ...=> Tate => Bob Lee => Cizar => Jim Schwartzbaugh (mid 1990s) => Jules Moritz (2004) This was another M8E/D. In 1972 fitted with Turbo version of Chevrolet engine.
M8E-80-10     Gr.7 Tony Dean {used to rebuild M8D/4} Chassis only. Used to rebuilt crashed Dean's M8D/4.

There were two unnumbered M8E's built from parts and raced in the Can-Am. The Blue Magic car was built up by Motschembacher. The remains of this car are owned by Barton. Pete Sherman raced an E "parts car" that had an F body.

McLaren M8FP

Chassis Engine Year Group First owner Next owners (year) Comment
M8FP-1-72 Chevrolet 1972 Gr.7 Roger McCaig => Nelson => Butz => Thomsjo => Arnold => Irwin => Howell => Cole => Jagger (~1997) => Dino Crescentini (~2003) => Wade Carter (01/2004) => Rob Kauffman (2014) By 2003 the car was maintained by Tony Nicholson.
M8FP-2-72 Chevrolet 1972 Gr.7 Helmut Felder => Peter Hoffmann (1975~2013) => ? Raced by Helmut Kelleners and Michel Weber in Interserie 1972 and 1973. Since 1975 raced by Hoffman (Interserie, Supersports Cup). Rebuilt as a closed group C car with Lotec bodywork in 1982 but later reverted back to Can-Am car for Supersports races.
M8FP-3-72 Chevrolet 1972 Gr.7 Georg Loos => Sam Brown, USA (1980) => Tom Shelton => Joel Finn (~1997) => Bob Rubin (2001) => Dean E. Butler => Ross Maxwell (8/2005) => ?, Italy (~2014) For sale in 1/2004. By mid/late 2005 being prepared for Orwell Super Sports Cup 2006.
M8FP-4-72 Mercedes Turbo 1972 Gr.7 AMG => Hans Heyer => …=> Peter Hoffmann (~2004~2014)  
M8FP-5-72 Chevrolet 1972 Gr.7 Warren Agor => Larry Hunt => Bill Jongbloed => Conte => Lepla => Silver => Meford (~1997) => Harry Matthews => Don Edwards (8/2003) Raced by Agor in CanAm 1972 and 1973.
M8FP-6-72 Chevrolet Turbo 1972 Gr.7 Racing Team VDS => Charles Agg => Myette => ? ... => Peter Scheilfer (2004) => Michiel Campagne (12/2005~2009) => ?, AUS (~2015) Raced by Pilette in Interserie (1972-73, Turbo engine), sold to Agg, in 1997 raced by Myette in Supersports Cup. When M8F-72-06 was purchased, VDS had them put the S/N plate from their M8E-80-08 on it so they wouldn't have to pay duty. During the late 2000s raced by Campagne extensively in various historic races on several continents : Orwell Cup (Europe), Springbok Series (South Africa), Laguna Seca, Sebring, etc.
M8FP-7-72 Chevrolet 1972 Gr.7 Hans Wiedmer => Motschenbacher (1973-74) => Mike Bohannan, Chuck McConnell ... => Tom Snellbach (1996) => ?, D  
M8FP-8-72 Chevrolet 1972 Gr.7   => {rented or sold} Frank Kahlich (1973) => Bill Cuddy => Romak => Whipple => Craig Pence (1984~2010) It was burnt during a club race at Sears Point.
M8FP-9-72 Chevrolet 1972 Gr.7 Bill Cuddy => Commander Motors => Fred Knoop => Whipple => Craig Pence (1984~2014) Raced by Richard Knoop in 2013-14.
M8FP Commander     Gr.7 Commander Motors => Nearburg => Crompton => Joel Finn => Bill Wonder => Scott Hughes (~2010) => Emmett Murphy The car was oriignally put together from parts by Commander and had no official chassis number. The car was restored by Robin Automotive.

McLaren M12

Chassis Engine Year Group First owner Next owners (year) Comment
M12-60-01 Chevrolet 1969 Gr.7 McLaren   The McLaren Coupe was made from this chassis. See coupe list.
M12-60-02 Chevrolet 1969 Gr.7 Oscar Koveleski   The Koveleski M6B was built with an M12 chassis. See M6B list.
M12-60-03 Chevrolet 1969 Gr.7 Lothar Motschenbacher => Siegfried Rieger, D (1971) ...=> Peter Scheilfer (1998) => Bob Webster, USA (2000 Oct.) => ?, Australia => Norbert Schneider, D (03/2015) By 2003 the car was maintained by Tony Nicholson.
M12-60-04 Chevrolet 1969 Gr.7 George Eaton => Tom Fox (1970) => Mike Barbour (about 1973) => Charlie Dorn (about 1976) => Bill Jongbloed (~1978) => "the Kids" (Tom Borcich & Bruce Menke) => Peter Kaus (1986~2003) => George Tatham (~2014) Driven by Graeme Lawrence in 1970 Can-Am. Ca crashed at Edmondon 1972 and wreck bought by Michael Barbour who rebuilt it and raced in some local races around Vancouver by 1975-1976. Car was later rebuilt as Coupe.
M12-60-05 Chevrolet 1969 Gr.7 Chaparral Cars ...=> Paul Canary (~1981~1984) => Jerry Winston (~2003) This car ran at Le Mans by Canary though it didn’t qualify.
M12-60-06   1969 Gr.7 Jay Hills   This chassis was probably used for the third tub for 50/09. See M6B list.
M12-60-07 Ford 1969 Gr.7 George Harm => Wes McNay => Tom Batty (~2003) Raced by Dick Smith in Can-Am 1970. It was wrecked and severly burnt by Smith. It was purchased by by McNay and rebuilt by an Indy car fabricator with new suspension and a turbo engine.
M12-60-08 Toyota 1969 Gr.7 Le Mans => Toyota Car is in New Zealand (~2004).
M12-60-09 Chevrolet 1969 Gr.7 Le Mans => Kurosawa Car is in New Zealand (~2004).
M12-60-10     Gr.7 De Tomaso=>Ford=>Shelby=>Holman-Moody => Gordon Barrett (1970) {fitted into M6B-50-07} =>Tom Phillips => Chuck Haines (~1983) => Lowell McGrane => {splitt from M6B-50-07 and used to built replicas} Harold Drinkwater => Dan Vargus (2009) {again with M6B-50-07} Used to rebuilt Barrett's M6B-50-07 after crash at Road Atlanta 1970. See the M6B list.
M12C-60-11     Gr.7 Scragg   Car was finished with an M6 body for hill climbs.
M12-60-12     Gr.7 Ford=>Shelby=>Holman-Moody => Great Western Champagne => ...=> Franzesi (~2003)  
M12-60-14     Gr.7 Holman-Moody => Great Western Champagne ... => Pete Sherman => ?Dave Pearson, USA? => Lawrence Crossan (1977) => Mike Shoen, USA (1986~1987) => Stephen Forristall, USA => Karl Gnadinger, CH (30/5/1989) => ?, CH => Karl Gnadinger, CH => ?, F (1994) => Karl Gnadinger, CH (11/2006) => ?, France (~2014) The car was onverted to coupe by Larry Crossen. By 2014 on display at McLaren International.
M12-60-15     Gr.7 Trojan   This chassis was used for the Trojan Show Car. See coupe list.

Chassis 10,12, and 14 sat at Shelby for about a year before going to Holman-Moody. The cars were rollers.

McLaren M6 GT Coupe

Chassis Engine Year Group First owner Next owners (year) Comment
BMR6GT1       Bruce McLaren => Auckland Museum of Transportation => Denny Hulme => ...=> Matthews => Fred Phillips (03/2010) => ?, CDN? Originally Bruce McLaren's personal car.
M6GT 50/17       David Prophet => Andre Fournier => Gils St. Pierre => Jim Edwards (2006) Maintained by Riccardo Revi (~2003).
GT - 1969 E       Ted Peterson => Fred Knoop (1973) => Kerry Payne => Jack Flarady => Epstein => Roger Pitts (~2004) Car was built by Trojan in 1969-1970 and used for promotion. Sold through Kirk F. White to Ted Peterson. This car was on the cover of Road and Track in 1974. It was also in several other magazines. Epstein's mechanic wrecked the car and it was sold to Roger Pitts who is currently (2004) restoring it.

McLaren M1A / McLaren Elva Mark I

Chassis Engine Year Group First owner Next owners (year) Comment
M1A-64-1 Oldsmobile 1964 Gr.7 Bruce McLaren Motor Racing   Raced by Bruce McLaren during 1964 and 1965.
M1A-64-2   1964 Gr.7 Bruce McLaren Motor Racing   Used for tyre testing, dismantled, probably late in 1965.
M1A-64-3 Oldsmobile 1964 Gr.7 Bruce McLaren Motor Racing   Built in late 1964, show car.
M1A-20-01 Oldsmobile 1965 Gr.7 John Coombs => Jerry Entin (11/1965) Originally driven by Graham Hill and Elvis Presley in his movie in 1965.
M1A-20-02     Gr.7      
M1A-20-03     Gr.7      
M1A-20-04     Gr.7      
M1A-20-05 Oldsmobile 8/1965 Gr.7 Augie Pabst => Bill Schley (1965~2005?) => John Bladon (~2006~2007) Debut at Continental Divide USRRC in August 1965. Burnt out in its third outing at Mosport 1965. Remains spent 30 years in the Bill Schley's garage. It has been bought recently and a complete restoration was started.
M1A-20-06     Gr.7 Ralph Salyer    
M1A-20-07 Oldsmobile 1965 Gr.7 Richard Macon ...=> Bill Cotter (~2002)...=> John Bladon (~2005)  
M1A-20-08 Chevrolet 1965 Gr.7 Bud Gates    
M1A-20-09 Ford   Gr.7 Jim Adams/Hollywood Sport Cars    
M1A-20-10 Chevrolet 1965 Gr.7 George F. Wintersteen => Frank Salem (1969) => Mike Davis (1973) => …=> ? (9/2006) Raced in Canadian Formula A since 1969 until 1973.
M1A-20-11     Gr.7      
M1A-20-12     Gr.7      
M1A-20-13 Ford 1965-08 Gr.7 David Prophet => Bobby Olthoff {badly damaged => rebuilt} =>…=> ADA Engineering (~1984) => Max Warwick, AUS (~2005~2007)  
M1A-20-14     Gr.7      
M1A-20-15     Gr.7      
M1A-20-16     Gr.7      
M1A-20-17     Gr.7      
M1A-20-18     Gr.7      
M1A-20-19     Gr.7      
M1A-20-20     Gr.7      
M1A-20-21     Gr.7      
M1A-20-22     Gr.7      
M1A-20-23     Gr.7      
M1A-20-24     Gr.7      

Production version of M1A was in the U.S. officially called as McLaren-Elva Mark I and in total 24 cars were built.

McLaren M1B / McLaren Elva Mark II

Chassis Engine Year Group First owner Next owners (year) Comment
M1B-1-65 Oldsmobile 1965 Gr.7 Bruce McLaren Motor Racing   Raced by Bruce McLaren by late 1965.
M1B-1-66 Oldsmobile 1966 Gr.7 Bruce McLaren Motor Racing => Eustache Soucy (1967)  
M1B-2-66 Oldsmobile 1966 Gr.7 Bruce McLaren Motor Racing    
M1B-30-01 Chevrolet 1966 Gr.7 Charlie Hayes ...=> Bill Fraley (1969~2006) Raced also by George Alderman/Brett Lunger in about 1967.
M1B-30-02     Gr.7      
M1B-30-03     Gr.7 Lothar Motschenbacher => Ron Herrera => Phil Henny  
M1B-30-04 Mercury Comet 1966 Gr.7 Dick Niles => Monte Shelton (1968) => Alan Holmes (1972) => Bill Perrone (1981) => Carl Moore (1984) => Henry Wilkinson (1986) => Andrew Simpson (1998) => Steve Thein (2001) => Marc Hevia (03/2009~2011) Driven by Bill Amick in 1966-67.
M1B-30-05     Gr.7 Bud Morley => Glenn Brown…=> Paul Goldman (~2005) => John Bladon (~2007) Raced in Formula A by Glenn Brown.
M1B-30-06     Gr.7 Brooke Doran …=> Ric Weiland (~1992~1993)  
M1B-30-07     Gr.7      
M1B-30-08     Gr.7      
M1B-30-09     Gr.7 Ken Sheppard => Bob Rose => Trojan (1969) => John Jordan (1970) => Alan Brodie (1971) => Peter Taylor (1973) => Geoffrey Breakall (1975) => John Beasley (1977) => Dave Preece (1978) => Mike Harrison (1979) => Roger Williams (1982) => Massimer Collection, D (1985) {restored} => ? (1997~2005) Raced by Keith St. John under London Radio colors.
M1B-30-10     Gr.7      
M1B-30-11     Gr.7      
M1B-30-12 Ford 1966 Gr.7 Bill Kay, USA => Drummond Racing (1966) => Skip Barber (1967)  
M1B-30-13     Gr.7 McKee Drilling …=> Patrick Kriwanek, USA (1975~2009)  
M1B-30-14     Gr.7      
M1B-30-15     Gr.7      
M1B-30-16     Gr.7      
M1B-30-17     Gr.7      
M1B-30-18 Chevrolet 1966 Gr.7   ...=> John Foulston => ... => Corrado Cupellini => ... => Mobil France (~2000)  
M1B-30-19     Gr.7      
M1B-30-20   1966 Gr.7 Carl Haas => Ron Courtney (05/1967) => Orly Thornsjo (06/1968) => Jim Butcher (10/1969) => Phil Drake (02/1971) => Ray Franklin (10/1989~2012)  
M1B-30-21     Gr.7      
M1B-30-22   1966 Gr.7 Candido DaMota => David Wolin (1967) => Bill Blizard (1968) => Kim Baker (1972) => Rad Nutting => Bill Gendron => Chuck Haines (1977) => Adrian Hall (1980) => Charles Agg (1981) => Paul Alexadner (1986) => Ed Hubbard (1989~1991) => Jack Boxstrom => John Davis (1996) => ?, (2001) => Farrell Preston (2007~2011) In 1997 for sale (by Jack Boxtrom).
M1B-30-23     Gr.7 Carl Haas => Dave Causey => Bill DeMichielli => Bill McClure => Tony Nawrocki => Mike Sovzlordo (7/1974) => John Bladon (9/2007) The was hillclimbed by Mike Sovzlordo until 1978.
M1B-30-24     Gr.7      
M1B-30-25     Gr.7      
M1B-30-26     Gr.7      
M1B-30-27     Gr.7      
M1B-30-28     Gr.7      

Production version of M1B was in the U.S. officially called as McLaren-Elva Mark II and in total 28 cars were built.

McLaren M1C / McLaren Elva Mark III

Chassis Engine Year Group First owner Next owners (year) Comment
M1C-40-01     Gr.7      
M1C-40-02     Gr.7      
M1C-40-03 Chevrolet 1967 Gr.7 Lothar Motschenbacher => Ron Herrera (8/1967) => Phil Henny (1969) Entered under Drummond Racing banner while being owned and run by Ron Herrera, famous hairdresser in Hollywood.
M1C-40-04     Gr.7 John Woolfe => Alistair Cowin => Ken Wilson => John Jordan => Malcolm Clube => Nick Overall (1983) => Kristo? Schausberger (1988) => David Clark (1998) => Graham Galliers (2001) => Richard Dodkins (2006) => ? (2009) Raced by Malcolm Clube in Interserie during early 70s.
M1C-40-05     Gr.7      
M1C-40-06   1967 Gr.7 Carl Haas Automotive => Ron Courtney (end 1967) => Cliff Apel (1969) => Dave Selway & Fredrick Jessen (1970~2009) The car was lightened and fitted with a M6B bodywork in 1972.
M1C-40-07     Gr.7      
M1C-40-08     Gr.7      
M1C-40-09     Gr.7      
M1C-40-10     Gr.7      
M1C-40-11     Gr.7 Carl Haas    
M1C-40-12     Gr.7   …=> Chris Drake => Bianco Rosso (1982) => Pieter Boel (~2009]  
M1C-40-13     Gr.7      
M1C-40-14     Gr.7      
M1C-40-15     Gr.7      
M1C-40-16     Gr.7      
M1C-40-17     Gr.7      
M1C-40-18     Gr.7 Jerry Hansen    
M1C-40-19     Gr.7      
M1C-40-20     Gr.7      
M1C-40-21     Gr.7      
M1C-40-22     Gr.7      
M1C-40-23     Gr.7      
M1C-40-24     Gr.7      
M1C-40-25     Gr.7      

Production version of M1C was in the U.S. officially called as McLaren-Elva Mark III and in total 25 cars were built.

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