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Mazda chassis numbers

Chassis Engine Year Group First owner Next owners (year) Comment
727C-005 Mazda   C2 Mazdaspeed   Le Mans 1985 spare car.
737C-001 Mazda 1985 C2 Mazdaspeed    
737C-002 Mazda 1985 C2 Mazdaspeed    
757-101 Mazda 1986 GTP Mazdaspeed    
757-103 Mazda 1987 GTP Mazdaspeed    
757-104 Mazda 1988? GTP Mazdaspeed    
767-001 Mazda 1988 GTP Mazdaspeed    
767-002 Mazda 1988 GTP Mazdaspeed   Perhaps rebuilt to 767B specification in 1989.
767-003 Mazda 1989 GTP Mazdaspeed   Perhaps rebuilt to 767B specification in 1990.
767B-001 Mazda 1989 GTP Mazdaspeed    
787-001 Mazda 1990 GTP Mazdaspeed    
787-002 Mazda 1990 GTP Mazdaspeed    
787B-001 Mazda 1991 Cat.2 Mazdaspeed    
787B-002 Mazda 1991 Cat.2 Mazdaspeed    
787B-003 Mazda 1991 Cat.2 Mazdaspeed    
MXR01-001 Mazda 1992 Cat.1 Mazdaspeed    
MXR01-002 Mazda 1992 Cat.1 Mazdaspeed    
MXR01-003 Mazda 1992 Cat.1 Mazdaspeed    
MXR01-004 Mazda 1992 Cat.1 Mazdaspeed    
MXR01-005 Mazda 1992 Cat.1 Mazdaspeed    

Note: Cars may have been built or raced earlier then the years listed above.

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